Bashkir audio equipment

               Ribbon microphone case

Design of this case takes in consideration the main requirements for storage and transportation of ribbon microphones such as:

1. Upright storage of ribbon microphones


Manufacturers point out that ribbon microphones need to be stored strictly upright. However, some ignore this rule and keep them on a table or shelf in a horizontal position. As a result with time, the ribbon in the microphone begins to deflect because of the weight, and the microphone loses its original sound quality. Also, storing microphones on a table or shelf is not recommended as long as they might easily slide down onto a hard surface, or become dusty.

2. Protection from mechanical damage.


The internal filling material of the case is soft foam-rubber. The case was developed specifically for the RM-BIV microphone model, tested for storage and transportation.


3. Convenience


Edition 1.


Case for 2 RM BIV-1 microphones and 2 J-Decor preamplifiers or 4 RM BIV-1 ribbon microphones.

Comfortable handle for transportation.


Edition 2.

Case for a double-ribbon RM-BIV-3 microphone and a J-Decor preamp.


Edition 3.


At the instance of customers was made a modification for a double-ribbon RM-BIV-3 microphone and two RM BIV-1 microphones.