Bashkir audio equipment

About the Project

The idea of creating the Bashkir audio equipment web-site emerged during the expansion of the product line for recording studios.

Ufa is the city of SCO and BRICS summits, a city with huge potential for development of production and import substitution.

In two years time the production of microphones RM BIV was launced. Later preamp J-Decor and Transformer Summing SMT BIV-16 appeared.

And new projects are coming.

The development of devices was established by the member of the Union of Composers of Russia and Bashkortostan, the sound producer of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the teacher of sound engineering at the Ufa College of Art and the Ufa Academy of Arts - Igor Vladimirovich Burdukov.

His first higher education is the Industrial Electronics in Ufa Aviation University. Second: pianist in the Ufa College of Arts in the class of "Piano", and composer the Ufa Academy of Arts. The production of microphones is a certain result, which allowed to unite all his knowledge in the range of audio technology and art. New developments appear in case of a companionship with Russian and foreign sound engineers, a certain need for different equipment is being searched out, the opportunity of realization is estimated.

All equipment passes tests in recording studios and concert halls in Ufa. This possibility of using immediately "in combat conditions" is very valuable for production and equipment is often rated directly by its users.

A lot of audio examples are laid out on the site, as bare technical characteristics can not give the information that sound engineers can hear only by their ears.