Bashkir audio equipment

Ribbom microphone RM BIV-1

In two years time the technology of making ribbon microphones had been worked out and the result has surpassed all expectations! The ones who know what kind of microphone it is will certainly say that a ribbon microphone is a studio microphone. Even though it seems to be not enough of high frequencies, the reality of the transmission of the timbre can not be compared to any other microphone. Many beginner sound engineers do not even know what it is. Although recently almost all firms have in their line-up a "ribbon" pattern.


I would not insist that this is a vocal microphone, rather than instrumental, but it is perfect for the baritone. Using a pop-filter is obligatory! It also sounds very good on strings, winds, percussion, xylophone and as overheads. And guitar amps sound fantastic!!!










Ribbon microphone;

Size of the ribbon: 60 mm x 5 mm;

Thickness 2.5 microns;

 Material - 99.95% Pure aluminum;

Material of the fastening contacts is gold.


Pattern: eight;

Sensitivity 2 mV / Pa;

Frequency range: 20-18,000 Hz;

Recommended input impedance:1000 Ohm;

Maximum SPL: 135 dB.

Size: 18 cm x 2.5 cm (mono version), 27 cm x 2.5 cm (stereo version)


In the microphones is used a transformer,

that was developed on an amorphous alloy magnetic core,

by analogy with the well-known brands such as Samar Audio and Lundahl.

More sensitivity! More HF!


It is also possible to select a stereo couple of RM BIV-1, which allows to use them in MS and Blumleine (XY) systems.

The selected pair can be equipped with a very convenient stereo plank:

To expand the sound of the RM-BIV1 microphones completely and improve the signal / noise characteristics, we recommend you purchase our J-Decor preamp. You can read more about J-Decor and listen to audio records using this preamp here:

You can also order a microphone with a shok mount.

For proper storage and convenient transportation of ribbon microphones RM BIV-1, a case was specially made. This case allows you to store microphones in an upright position. Protects from mechanical damage, dust, moisture. Read here:

    Keep the microphone strictly in an upright position! Protect from moisture!


audio examples

42. Record of a jazz quartet.


To the 175th anniversary of P. Tchaikovsky "Autumn Song" from the cycle "Seasons". Arrangement and part of the piano - I. Burdukov (multichannel recording with 9 tape microphones RM BIV-1)


rmbiv1,RM-biv1 запись джазового квартета

 41.  Record of a trio of folk instruments.



Three microphones RM BIV-1 and two microphones of circular orientation Octave MK-012 (remove the acoustics of the hall)





 Tenor saxophone recording. Anton Buzz - Modern saxophone’s technics. In the end of piece musician plays with trombone’s mouthpiece. Mic RM BIV-1 and 2 omni directional mics Oktava MK-012 (for concert hall acoustic)

40. Tenor saxophone recording




Concert marimba recording.  2 mics RM BIV-1, AB system

39.  Concert marimba recording.

Acoustic guitar recording. RM BIV-1 and 2 omni directional mics Oktava MK-012 (for concert hall acoustic)

38. Запись акустической гитары

36.  RM BIV-1 vc Royer R-121

Royer R-121


37.            RM BIV-1 vs Coles 4038

       RM BIV-1

RM BIV-1 ленточный микрофон от Игоря Бурдукова

                 Coles 4038

There are problems with the bow.


35. Recording a duet (violin, piano)


34. Recording of the choir from the concert.

There are noises from the choir stands and lighting.

33-29. Drum kit recording.

33. Overheads. Iron.

32. Overheads.

31. Overheads. Stone room.

30. Drum kit recording.

29. Recording of percussion, Kongi.

28. Recording Bass Guitar with a Combo Amplifier

27. Recording an electric guitar from a combo amplifier

Recording path: Fender stratocaster singles by jeff beck. Jensen p12r cabinet speaker. Amplifier HUGHES & KETTNER TUBEMEISTER 5HEAD. Analog Spring Reverb Demeter Reverbulator Spring Reverb pedal. Mixing console SOUNDCRAFT EPM6. Focusrite itrack solo recording interface

25-23. Acoustic Guitar Recording

25.2. Acoustic Guitar Recording (Stereo Microphone, Blumleine) Preamp by Allen & Heath MixWizard3 without processing. Sound card MOTU 828mk2 96kHz / 24bit

25.1. Acoustic Guitar Recording (Stereo Microphone, Blumleine) Preamp by Allen & Heath MixWizard3 without processing. Sound card MOTU 828mk2 96kHz / 24bit

24. Acoustic guitar recording. Microphone-line preamplifier Digilab SPM-102. Sound interface EMU 1212m

23. Acoustic guitar recording.

22-21. Recording of an ensemble of folk instruments

22. Recording an ensemble of folk instruments. Two domras, two button accordions, guitar, balalaika, contrabass-balalaika. Without processing, recording in a large concert hall (seven ribbon local microphones + stereo pair AB, microphones with a circle diagram for recording hall acoustics)

21. Recording of an ensemble of folk instruments (seven ribbon local microphones).

20-18. Jazz ensemble recording

20. Recording of a jazz trio (two local microphones + a stereo microphone on the piano) Jam session! Trumpet (flugel), piano (yours truly) and double bass. Without processing, recording in a large concert hall

19. Recording of a jazz quartet (three local microphones + stereo microphone on the piano).

18. Recording of a jazz quartet (four local microphones). Trumpet (weather vane), saxophone, guitar (removal from the combo amplifier) ​​and double bass. Without processing, recording in a large concert hall

     Other records

17. Symphony orchestra recording, MS stereo general microphone. Organ Hall. D. Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5

16. Recording vocals. Soprano.

15. Recording of an ensemble of folk instruments (three local microphones)

14. Saxophone recording, MS

13. Recording of string quartet, Blumleine

12. Recording of the Symphony Orchestra, MS

11. Xylophone (local ribbon microphone)

10.Mixed choir (stereo microphone, Blumleine)

9. Female choir (stereo microphone, Blumleine)

8. Violin ensemble, violin solo (multichannel recording)

7. Vocals (stereo microphone, Blumleine)

6. Flute (recording channel)

5. Domra (recording channels)

4. Piano stereo microphone Blumleine

3. Chamber orchestra multichannel recording

2. Symphony orchestra (stereo microphone, Blumleine)

1. Chamber orchestra multichannel recording