Bashkir audio equipment

Double-ribbon microphone RM BIV-3



One more model of a passive ribbon microphone was developed.


To improve the sensitivity of the microphone and the signal-to-noise ratio, a double-ribbon system and additional screening of the transformer was applied.


The microphone’s sensitivity reached 5 mV / Pa !!!

This model is better suited for recording quiet sound sources, such as acoustic guitar, strings, vocals, and so on.



 A pop-filter is obligatory!








Double-ribbon microphone;

The dimensions of each tape are 60 mm x 5 mm;

Thickness 2.5 microns;

Material - 99.95% Pure aluminum;

Material of the fastening contacts is gold.

Direction: bidirectional;

Sensitivity 5 mV / Pa;

Frequency range: 20-18,000 Hz;

Recommended input impedance 1000 Ohm;

Maximum sound pressure 135 dB.

Dimensions: 210 mm x 50 mm

Weight: 430 g.


The microphones use a transformer,

It was developed on an amorphous alloy magnetic core.

Additional screening of the transformer.



To fully expose the sound of the RM-BIV3, as well as to improve the signal / noise characteristics,

we recommend you purchase a J-Decor preamp


  You can read more about J-Decor and listen to audio recordings using this preamplifier here:


New audio recordings of comparing mics with and without J-Decor appeared.

Listen here



                  You can also order mics with such an absorbers:

Keep the microphone strictly in an upright position! Protect from moisture!



4. Recording the choir of the Ufa Art College.

Recording the choir. Two double-ribbon microphones RM BIV-3

The overall mix. Two double-ribbon microphones RM BIV-3, 4 microphones Octave MK-012 "Circle" and microphone Octave MK-105