Bashkir audio equipment

Double-ribbon microphone RM BIV-3



The RM BIV-3 microphone is manufactured in a new modification.


This model has more pronounced range of high frequencies, which is a great advantage for ribbon microphones.


The applied method of raising the high frequency range had never been used by any other manufacturer.


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The new model is not actually double tape, there is a different concept of the design of the capsule. We succeeded to leave the specific beautiful timbre of the ribbon microphone, which cannot be preserved using passive filters and acoustic mirrors.


The upper frequency range now differs by 2.5 - 3 dB, from the range of condenser-type microphones. This is a kind of transitional option between tape and condenser microphone.


The microphone can also be used in conjunction with the J-Decor preamp.


The purpose of the RM BIV-3 is recording a local sound source.


Using this microphone in stereo systems such as XY or MS is inadvisable, as long as two tapes simultaneously receive an audio signal only in the center. From an angle of 45 degrees, phase distortions at higher frequencies occur. Because of this, microphones are not matched in pairs.


Bidirectional (frequency dependent)


Frequency range 20-19000 Hz.







Ленточный микрофон RM BIV-3. Ленточный микрофон Игоря Бурдукова



Double-ribbon microphone;

The dimensions of each tape are 60 mm x 5 mm;

Thickness 2.5 microns;

Material - 99.95% Pure aluminum;

Material of the fastening contacts is gold.

Direction: Bidirectional (frequency dependent);

Sensitivity 5 mV / Pa;

Frequency range: 20-19,000 Hz;

Recommended input impedance 1000 Ohm;

Maximum sound pressure 135 dB.

Dimensions: 210 mm x 50 mm

Weight: 430 g.


The microphones use a transformer,

It was developed on an amorphous alloy magnetic core.

Additional screening of the transformer.




To fully expose the sound of the RM-BIV3, as well as to improve the signal / noise characteristics,

we recommend you purchase a J-Decor preamp


  You can read more about J-Decor and listen to audio recordings using this preamplifier here:


J-Decor в связке с двухленточником RM BIV-3 от Игоря Бурдукова .аудиопримеры

For proper storage and convenient transportation of ribbon microphones RM BIV-3 a case was specially made. This case allows you to store microphones in an upright position. Protects from mechanical damage, dust, moisture. Read about the case here:

                  You can also order mics with such an absorbers:

Keep the microphone strictly in an upright position! Protect from moisture!



9 Comparison with Sennheiser MD 441 dynamic microphone

 and a ribbon microphone RM BIV-3. No processing.

Male vocals recording


Sennheiser MD 441 dynamic microphone

Ribbon microphone RM BIV-3

7. Recording female vocals on a two-band RM BIV-3 microphone with a J-Decor preamp.



6. Comparison with the Audiotechnica AT4060 Condenser Microphone and RM BIV-3 Ribbon Microphone with J-Decor Preamplifier.

Male vocals recording


Without RM BIV-3 dual ribbon microphones.

With RM BIV-3 dual ribbon microphones.


6. Recording of the choir of the Ufa College of Arts, organ, chamber orchestra.

In this example, we decided not to compare ribbon mics to condenser mics, but to remove the ribbon mics from the mix. And listen to what color ribbon microphones give.

Without RM BIV-3 dual ribbon microphones.

With RM BIV-3 dual ribbon microphones.

5. Recording the choir of the Ufa Art College.

Recording the choir. Two double-ribbon microphones RM BIV-3

The overall mix. Two double-ribbon microphones RM BIV-3, 4 microphones Octave MK-012 "Circle" and microphone Octave MK-105

A. Bilash-Kalina in the rye

А.Билаш-Калина во ржи

С.Плешак-Улетели журавли.

S. Pleshak-The cranes flew away.

Г.Гуча-Доктор Фостер

G. Gucha-Doctor Foster

М.Парцхаладзе-Море спит

M.Partskhaladze-Sea is sleeping

4.Ensemble “DESPERADOS” - For Sephora


2.Violin recording. Recorded with the double-ribbon microphone RM-BIV3

1.Speech recording with the double-ribbon microphone RM-BIV3