Bashkir audio equipment



 Summing Mixer SMT BIV-16


16 summation channels (8 stereo pairs).

It is intended for the summation of linear signals from the output of a 16-channel audio interface.

The transformer is made of an amorphous alloy developed by a Russian engineer.

Comfortable operation of the device with signals at the input 0 dB

Two outputs - on the monitor monitors and the channel of the mix re-recording. They have a switch + 6 dB.


Frequency range is 20 Hz - 20 kHz.


Balanced input - a maximum of +10 dB.


Input resistance will depend on the resistance of the output channels of the sound card, but not less than 2 kOhm.

THD - 0.01%

In the process of working SMT BIV-16 allows you to achieve a good spatial perception and transparency of the sound picture.




Digital summation in Logic.



Analog summation in SMT BIV-16